– What you need to know about Linckard – 

What is a Linckard?
Linckard is a “Digital Card” designed for the needs of professionals, companies or events, typically used as a promotional tool for networking, for business or as a means of viral propagation.
What is the difference with a paper card?
Unlike paper cards, Linckards do not break or wear out. In turn, your data can be modified at any time, avoiding printing costs. It has no delivery limits, so using Linckard you are saving time and money.
How do I share my Linckard?
Your digital card contains a section called “SHARE”, where you can find various sharing options such as WhatsApp, Mail, SMS, Messenger, QR Code or through social networks.
What is the difference between the Standard and Custom Pro formats?
The “Standard” format is a Linckard branding standardized design, while the “Custom Pro” are personalized cards with the look & feel of your company.
What is the digital signature and what is it for?
When you subscribe to Linckard, you get (an optional) “Digital Signature” with your card, which you must configure in your email client, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. so that each time you send an email, the recipient can access your card and contact you instantly.
Does my Linckard work as a Web page?
Indeed Linckard works as your “own web page”, but without the excessive development costs that entails. With your Linckard you can optimize your online positioning so to be better ranked in the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.
What is the Linckard directory for?
We are working on developing a complete professional directory, which works like the old card holder, but incredibly more functional and effective, since we will keep your card and that of other companies and professionals, so that users who request your services can contact you quickly.
When and how can I cancel my subscription?
When reaching one month of subscription, you may cancel the service.  You are only required sending an email to cancel@linckard.com along with your personal contact details and the reason for cancelling.  Remember that as a result of cancelling, your card will be offline yet it will not be erased from our directory so that you could reactivate it whenever you decide so.
Can I have my card in private mode?
Certainly! You can always switch from public to private mode (and vice versa), just send us an email to info@linckard.com with your URL (link to your card) along with your personal contact details for authentication and you are good to go, your profile will be updated by our team as per your request.
How do I change my contact details?
Should you need to update your digital card information, drop us an email at info@linckard.com, along with your URL (card link), your personal contact details and a brief description of the changes you wish to apply.
Does updating my contact details imply a cost?
The changes to your digital card contact details do not bear a cost.
What happens in case of career changes which require a change in design?
After 12 months (one year), for CustomPro subscriptions only, you can request one free of charge change in the design. In the event you require making a change before completing one year of subscription, you will be charged a one-time fee defined by our team of designers according to the complexity of the requested change.
Why do we charge for the service?
The subscription fee allows us to guarantee the highest standards of quality service, as well as the optimal loading and delivery speed of the digital cards. We operate the service with world-class servers so that your Linckard is always online and available for your next business contact. Finally, we employ the best designers so to make sure your LINCKARD looks highly professional with a visual impact.